How to record a Sales or Purchase transaction on Simplebks

  • Login to your dashboard at
  • Click on “Add New Transaction”
  • Select Transaction type “Sales”, “Purchase” or “Expense”
  • For Sales or Purchase, type in first letters of product name and it will populate all existing product with the letter.
  • If product already exist, select the product, type in the purchase price and quantity
  • If new product, click on create
  • On “Create Product Page”, SKU and product name are the compulsory field but you can provide other information for proper classification. Click submit when completed and enter product price and quantity
  • Add other costs such as Shipping, VAT, Discount, Commission if applicable as a “Fixed” amount or “Percentage %”

Enter the Entity/Customer/Supplier Name

  • If a new customer, click on create and fill customer details: Customer name is the only compulsory field
  • Confirm if transaction is on Credit or not. If cash transaction click on Submit and transaction will be created successfully.
  • If transaction is on Credit, tick the Credit box and fill in any “Upfront Payment” and the “Balance due date”

Click on create transaction and transaction will be created successfully

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