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#1 Record keeping solution for Small Businesses

Discover the ultimate simplicity in managing your finances! Easily create and send invoices, generate customer receipts, stay on top of expenses, accept online payments, all from one user-friendly application


Why Entrepreneurs choose Simplebks for growth

Effortlessly Manage and Record Sales from All Channels in One Place

  • Utilize our Quick Sales tool to instantly record and generate receipts.
  • Create and send invoices seamlessly.
  • Simplify data entry by uploading sales data in bulk from Excel or Google Sheets.
  • Efficiently deploy a Point of Sale (POS) system for your physical store.
  • Integrate with Paystack to track sales from your website and various payment platforms.”
  • Create receipts effortlessly and choose how you’d like to share them—print, send via email, or share digitally
  • Analyse your sales by location, stock item, month and more
  • Follow up with inactive customers who have not ordered for a while
  • Detailed Sales Analysis at the customer level

Simplify Expense Management, Purchase Orders, and Payment Recording

  • Record and categorize expenses effortlessly.
  • Keep tabs on prepaid and accrued expenses, ensuring accurate reporting.
  • Utilize our quick purchase tool for streamlined inventory recording.
  • Manage purchase orders and efficiently record payments.
  • Upload expenses in bulk using Excel or Google Sheets.
  • Generate detailed expense reports to optimize your financial spending.

Money Moves: Your Business's Inflows and Outflows, All in One Place

  • Document capital injections with ease.
  • Stay on top of borrowings and repayments effortlessly.
  • Record interest earnings like a pro.
  • Keep track of gifts received without missing a beat.
  • Manage asset purchases and sales seamlessly.

Ensure a comprehensive financial record of owner withdrawals and contributions.

Inventory Management Made as Easy as A, B, C

  • Create products, services, or variants effortlessly.
  • Watch your stock count update automatically with each transaction.
  • Gain a clear overview of your inventory value at a glance.
  • Receive low stock notifications for efficient inventory control.
  • Simplify inventory transfers between stores.
  • Dive into detailed transactions for each product.
  • Keep track of top-selling products and access essential reports for effective inventory management.
  • Never worry about expiring products with our handy notifications

Running a business can be tough, keeping books shouldn’t

Think of finances like following a recipe – they turn out best when they’re well-organized. Let’s whip up a financial masterpiece by streamlining your business’s record-keeping!

Effortless Recording

Effortless Recording

Make the switch from physical record books to digital simplicity, with easy recording on mobile, tablet, or PC, anytime, anywhere.

Multi User Access

Multi User Access

Collaborate seamlessly with multi-user access, granting controlled permissions to your staff for efficient record-keeping

Generate Reports, Print and Share

Generate Reports, Print and Share

Gain valuable insights into your business with comprehensive reports, easily generated, printed, and shared with stakeholders or financiers. Simplify your financial journey today