All your stock in one place

Running a business is a juggling act, but managing your inventory doesn’t have to be. With Simplebks, we’ve made it our mission to make inventory management as easy as pie.

Create & Organize your Inventory Like a Pro

With Simplebks, effortlessly create and manage products, services, or variants, while your stock count adjusts automatically with each transaction. Say goodbye to manual updates, save time, and ensure accurate stock levels, so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.

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Get the Big Picture with Just a Click

Join thousands of business owners who are already using Simplebks to effortlessly manage their inventory, leaving stress behind and embracing easy living.

Quick Inventory Snapshot

Curious about your inventory’s worth? Get the answer in a snap.

Stay Ahead with Low Stock Alerts

Stay ahead of the game with notifications for low stock. Keeping your inventory in check has never been this easy.

Dive into the Details

For those who crave the nitty-gritty, explore comprehensive transaction histories for each product.

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Store Transfer


Streamline Operations with Control

Effortlessly manage purchase orders and inventory transfers while maintaining control through role management. Your staff can accept or reject transactions, ensuring operations run smoothly and securely.

Purchase Orders Made Easy

Create, edit, delete, and manage purchase orders effortlessly. Once the process is complete, easily confirm receipt or reject as needed, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Inventory Transfers

Seamlessly transfer inventory between stores or locations within your business.

Product Variants & Combos

Effortlessly handle product variations and combinations to cater to your business’s diverse product range and customer preferences.

Smart Decisions, Better Business

  • Spot Top Sellers: Identify your star products without breaking a sweat.
  • Insightful Reports: Access reports that empower you to optimize your inventory management and make informed decisions.
  • No More Expiry Panic: Worried about products going bad? Simplebks’ handy notifications keep you informed.