Simplify Your Invoicing with Simplebks

Our invoicing process saves you time and money. With Simplebks, you can easily create professional-looking invoices, track payments, automate reminders, and get paid faster. Say goodbye to manual invoicing and hello to an efficient and hassle-free invoicing process.

Our invoicing was built for


Small business owners: Quickly and easily create professional invoices that reflect your brand and make it easy for your clients to pay you. Our automated payment reminders ensure you never miss a payment.


Freelancers: Create professional invoices that accurately reflect your services and communicate payment terms to your clients. Simplebks simplifies the process with our easy-to-use platform.


Service providers: Simplebks invoicing helps you do just that by streamlining the invoicing process, allowing you to focus on your work instead of worrying about payment.

Benefits of using simplebks invoicing

Using simplebks invoicing has a number of benefits

Create and send professional invoices quickly and easily
Automate the invoicing process to save time and effort
Track invoice status & receive reminders for overdue payments
Generate reports to keep track of invoicing activity

How to Use Simplebks Invoicing

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use Simplebks invoicing:

Create an invoice
Customize the invoice
Preview & send the invoice
Track invoice status & payments
Generate reports


Don't just take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from our users

" I love how easy it is to create and send invoiceswith Simplebks. It's saved me so much time and hassle! "

Ojo Adeola, Product designer

" The invoicing feature is fantastic. I can easily keep track of my invoices and payments all in one place "

Adeyinka Adeleke, CEO, Midas Touch Concierge

" I love how easy it is to create and send invoiceswith Simplebks. It's saved me so much time and hassle! "

Bunmi Benson, CEO, Chuttes & Ladder

Use cases


Creating and sending invoices: Users can easily create and send professional-looking invoices to their clients with Simplebks Invoicing. They can customize the invoice with their own branding, including logos and colors.


Accepting payments: Simplebks Invoicing supports multiple payment methods, including credit cards and PayPal, allowing users to easily receive payments from their clients.


Managing client information: Users can easily manage their client information, including contact details, billing addresses, and payment history, all in one place.


Track invoice and payments: Simplebks Invoicing makes it easy for users to track the status of their invoices and payments, allowing them to stay on top of their finances and manage their cash flow.


Generate reports: Users can generate detailed reports on their invoicing activity, including sales by client, outstanding balances, and payment history. This information can be used to make informed business decisions and improve their financial management.



Our integrations with Paystack allow you to embed payment links directly into your invoices, making it simple for your customers to pay you quickly and easily. Best of all, payments are automatically recorded in your account.


Simplebks invoicing is included in all our plans, from our free plan to our premium plan. For integrations with Paystack, we charge a commission of N100 + 2% on all invoices, with 1.5% + N100 going to Paystack. Check out our pricing page for more information.

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