Easiest accounting solution for small businesses

Keep track of every aspect of your business with easy record-keeping and management tools to empower your business.

We are data-driven to empower small businesses to achieve success.

We understand the struggle of growing your small business in Nigeria. We know it can be stressful and time consuming to spend time on calculations instead of customers. We also know what it feels like to lose money because of the difficulty in tracking sales & expenses. That’s why we’re here for you, to provide accounting and financial management.

Our vision.

To make Accouting Easy For Your Business. We’re providing the tools to help you record and keep track of every aspect of your business, on the go, in real-time and from anywhere in the world. Our services include - professional invoices, tracking of sales and inventory, access to financial reports, bulk uploading and a service that accurately calculates your transactions.

Our Values


We are empowering small business owners with easier accounting knowledge


At Simplebks, we deliver excellent work always: in product, in experience and internally as a team


At core of everything is teamwork. We have created a space that allows our people to work together and individually effectively. Teamwork makes our dream work


We are encouraging bookkeeping habits by creating an easier, safer and smarter way to record, track and grow your business by building our services around your needs

Our people

We are a people oriented company. We put our users, partners and staff at the core of everything we do. We want our business management solution to positively impact the businesses of those we serve. Our team which is made up of experts in SME Finance, Marketing and Technology are building Simplebks to help you say - Accounting Made Easy!

Grow your business with Simplebks
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